Darcy (darcyjmoon) wrote,

Inflation is fun?

Terra Nova: New Bout of Inflation in EverQuest:

"There's something deeper going on here, that you can only see by looking at virtual worlds, places designed for the specific purpose of having fun. Everyone have their eyes open??? Good. Here's what's going on: Inflation is fun. And that's why we have it. That's certainly true in Norrath; whatever's in Norrath is there for fun, right? But could it be that that's why we have it on Earth too? The mind boggles."

I suppose this makes sense (in my own personal only-took-econ-101 way). People want stuff. People see money as equal to stuff. More money is better, because more stuff is better. Short-sighted self-interested people don't see that inflation doesn't necessarily lead to more stuff for everyone (it just means prices go up). All they see is the short-term increase in money and stuff.

What it doesn't explain is deflation. Of course, when was the last time <em>that</em> happened in America? Not in my memory anyway. Oh well, I probably need to go back to history, or economics, or both, before I go thinking I've answered all of life's questions. LOL
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